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Talent Acquisition Specialist Job Description +TEMPLATE

A talent acquisition specialist usually works in a human resources department and helps companies hire new employees. Duties cover other HR activities like writing policies and screening applicants. While other HR jobs deal with hiring workers, a talent acquisition specialist usually fills jobs that have specific qualifications and require unique skills. They perform in-depth research to choose the most qualified candidates. Other responsibilities include developing outreach methods for recruitment, such as social media campaigns or referral programs, while keeping company costs low. Talent acquisition also involves maintaining documentation of outreach work, candidate information, and staffing records.

  • Many organizations (especially the large ones) establish internal growth paths for these individuals based on their tenure, skills and areas of focus.
  • However, many organizations plan and create long-term approaches that help set future hiring standards.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists typically work with hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, and candidates.
  • Examples of talent acquisition jobs are the talent acquisition manager, the TA specialist and the head of talent acquisition.
  • Knowing the salary bracket for the job thus becomes essential not only to the candidates but employers as well.
  • This includes hiring managers, members of the human resources and marketing teams, members of leadership and job candidates from all walks of life.

This tool unlocks the potential to discover exceptional talent effortlessly. In large organizations that do high-volume hiring, talent acquisition specialists are essential in ensuring that the organization has the talent it needs to succeed. If you want to fill a position within your organization, consider working with a talent acquisition specialist to help you find the best candidate for the job. The talent acquisition specialist will typically conduct in-person interviews with the candidates they deem to be the most qualified. Once a candidate has been selected, Talent Acquisition Specialists conduct reference checks, coordinate interviews, and extend job offers to successful candidates on behalf of the organization.

Required skills and qualifications

Try our need tool to determine the direction in which you want to progress based on your HR career goals and capabilities. It may include developing and implementing HR policies and procedures, managing employee benefits and compensation, conducting performance evaluations, and handling employee relations issues. You are leaving the website of the company where you were applying for a position.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Specialist Do

While it certainly includes trying to find the best candidates for a role, it’s not as nuanced a process as talent acquisition. Yes, talent acquisition is about finding the right people to help you meet your organizational needs. As a TA professional, however, you want to go beyond simply meeting business needs.

Who is This Job a Good Fit For?

Additionally, it also increases of finding and selecting talented individuals. Apart from being excellent at job descriptions, you also need to have significant knowledge about HR to succeed at the talent acquisition specialist job. You should go check out our top-quality certifications at HR University to get the education you need to become a talented HR professional.

Create posts highlighting the benefits of working for your organization and showcasing your employer brand. Here at ATS, our team of talent acquisition professionals thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Starting a career in talent acquisition doesn’t require a specific background or education; it’s very possible this is an option for you. Talent acquisition professionals also make a very respectable living (between $50,000-$70,000 on average). Many people love being in recruiting — this is a rewarding, fulfilling job most of the time.

Small & Medium Businesses

Therefore, the talent acquisition specialist must post the job description and role across all major mediums. Their options include job fairs, electronic job boards, and other recruitment events. They also have to monitor their job listings constantly and follow up on candidates through their communication skills.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Specialist Do

This will help you identify the right people for the role, and applicants will know whether your company is the right fit for them. By taking on all these responsibilities, Talent Acquisition Specialists play a vital role in ensuring that high-volume organizations can efficiently and effectively staff their open positions. Since the talent acquisition specialist job is specialized, their duties and responsibilities are significantly straightforward. They have to monitor and handle all the talent acquisition matters within an organization.

Talent Acquisition vs. Other Roles

The first step in identifying top talent is sourcing from various talent pools. Starting with a comprehensive job description, talent acquisition specialists can generate applicant leads through avenues such as social networking, industry events and online communities. To recruit and retain the best staff, talent acquisition specialists must align their processes and strategies with company and departmental needs. For a successful talent acquisition strategy, specialists handle a range of responsibilities that support the candidate lifecycle. People often refer to talent acquisition and recruitment interchangeably, but they provide separate functions. A recruiter is an element of the talent acquisition team who collaborates with the hiring manager to find and screen people best suited for a role.

Couple this with the daunting reality of not knowing what’s ahead and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed — especially at the beginning of your hunt. Use sponsored content and/or recruitment ads to target members based on job function, region, skills, seniority, or other criteria. Talent acquisition strategy usually involves six steps, from preliminary research to final onboarding. Approaching the talent acquiring process methodically often results in the best outcomes. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, talent acquisition and recruitment are two very different approaches.

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You will determine the job requirements based on the company’s goals and source the most suitable candidates from different job searching portals. Building and promoting an employer brand is crucial for attracting top talent, and talent acquisition specialists play a vital role in this process. They need to be aware of current market trends, the employer’s reputation in the industry and develop an effective branding strategy.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Specialist Do

The talent acquisition specialist works closely with the main stakeholders to understand their needs, fine-tune the job description for the role, and help them identify the best candidate. They also attend job fairs and perform on-site candidate evaluations for a quicker hiring process. The primary goal of a Talent Acquisition Specialist is to identify and attract the most qualified candidates for open positions.